Devote to Promoting R&D of Precise Products and Improving Clinical Value of Medicine.
Kexing Biopharm is an innovative biopharmaceutical enterprise mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of recombinant protein therapeutics and microbiota agents. It focuses on pharmaceutical research in the therapeutic fields of antiviral, hematology, oncology and immunology, and degenerative diseases, and has accumulated know-how on traditional Chinese medicine and chemical pharmacy related technology in the above fields.

At present, our main products include the recombinant protein therapeutics "Recombinant Human Erythropoietin", "Recombinant Human Interferon α1b" and "Recombinant Human Granulocyte Colony-stimulating Factor", as well as the microbiota agents "Combined Clostridium Butyricum and Bifidobacterium".These products have achieved industry dominance to a certain degree and gained market influence. We have maintained stable growth in recent years.

Devote to Promoting R&D of Precise Products and Improving Clinical Value of Medicine.
At the same time, with over 20 years of medical R&D and industrial technology accumulation, we have established a relatively complete system of pharmaceutical R&D and innovation, covering pharmaceutical innovation capabilities from basic research, pharmaceutical research, preclinical research and clinical research to industrialization.Our technology center was ratified as the "Shandong Provincial Enterprise-level Technology Center" in 2017, the "Jinan Protein Therapeutics Engineering Laboratory" in 2018, and the "Guangdong Genetic Engineering Recombinant Protein Therapeutics Engineering Technology Center" in 2020.

Following the philosophy of "Precise Products, Predictable Effects, Health Protection", Kexing Biopharm Focus on the development strategy of biological drugs, and will continue to promote in research and development, industrialization, marketing, talent and organization, and ensure the implementation of the development strategy of biological drugs.